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Soaps & Scrubs

At Cinag's Alchemic, we believe that the body deserves just as much nourishment and support as the face. That is why we have created a wide range of shower products, from gentle Salt Bar Soaps, to fun and exfoliating Gelly Baby black soaps, and conditioning Marshmallow Cream shave butters!

We've left out irritating foaming agents, in favor of conditioning oils and butters, and have focused on formulas to help combat issues that arise from bathing in "hard water" commonly encountered in cities. We've also left out the environmentally devastating ingredient, palm oil. 

Our soaps and scrubs are a wonderful introduction to our skincare offerings, especially for those who are looking for more beneficial showering options.

Salt Bar Soaps

If you're expecting deep exfoliation, you may be surprised to learn that, unlike other scratchy salt soaps, our Salt Bars are velvety smooth. Our formulas are built around an uncommon soap-making method from coastal Germany (soleseife), which results in a gentler, more conditioning soap bar that is perfectly suited for all skin types, and especially beneficial for those of us living in cities with "hard water".


Body Scrubs

Not all scrubs are created equal, and not everyone can handle the same level of exfoliation. With that in mind, we offer three different types of body scrubs. Sugar Bars are a refreshed version of traditional jar scrubs in a more sustainable form- packed into a solid bar, instead of a mess-in-a-jar, these offer intense exfoliation and are best used from the shoulders down. Gelly Babies are a modern take on the Moroccan-style black soap and offers bubbles and mid-level exfoliation. Exfoliant Bars are a much gentler version of the Sugars Bars, relying on finely milled botanicals and seeds for the friction, instead of coarse sugar- they are safe to use from face to toe and are particularly nice in colder weather, used together with a Salt bar.


Shaving Butters

Formulated with a cooling marshmallow root extract, and whipped to fluffy perfect with nourishing vegetable butters, our Marshmallow Creams are the shaving solution that everyone has been searching for. These velvety creations are extremely concentrated, and leave the skin soft and smooth. Drier skin types may find that they work well as a "body conditioner" when used as a body wash to give the skin a little extra moisturization.

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