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What the Eff is Cinag's Alchemical About?

Cinag's Alchemic is not a brand: a brand is a gimmick, something that looks great and caters to a slim selection of individuals while pretending to be made for everyone. Brands are how we ended up with "one size fits all" skincare and buzzword ingredients packed into ineffective formulas.

Instead, Cinag's Alchemic is a friend, an educator, and a purveyor of herbally active preparations to help you nourish and nurture your skin, no matter what your skincare goals are. Cinag's Alchemic is a steward of the environment, and of the community, pursuing methods of creation that support our neighbors, our local farmers, and our environments near and far.

Cinag's Alchemic is what you have been looking for, what you have hoped for, and what you have dreamed of in a skincare experience. And we are so very, very glad that you have finally found us!

-Mack (Owner + Formulator)

What Sets Us Apart

We're More Than Just a Gimmick

At Cinag's Alchemic, we put a lot of thought into the formulation of our products. Rather than focus on social media gimmicks, formulator Mack focuses on crafting concentrated products that are as good for your skin as they are for the planet, and for the community we operate in. 

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Ingredients Matter

From pressing our own raw oils and crafting precious botanical extracts and ferments to sustainably wild harvesting botanicals and growing our own exotic herbs, our focus on quality shines through in every product. All formulas are handcrafted in small batches, and we never use pre-made bases, so that we know exactly what goes into our products every step of the way.


Skincare For All

For years, we have focussed on crafting products to support happy healthy skin, no matter what your age, gender, or skin pigmentation. We firmly believe in skincare for all people,  not skincare for a targetted niche demographic.

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Little Steps To Help The Environment

Since our founding, we have constantly sought out ways to make our products more sustainable, without sacrificing quality. We focus on sourcing ingredients locally first and foremost, to minimize our carbon footprint; we avoid using endangered botanicals or environmentally damaging ingredients like palm oil; and we focus on using zero-waste methods in our creation process.

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